Our approach to the problem is to find an engaging way to teach users some good practices and make them understand what data is, how to control it and understanding the value of data


To understand completely the problem, first we do user research and then we test two different prototypes, engaging the final users during all the process.

1 – Do you know what is a personal data?

With surveys and interviews made on 120 people we discover that 57% of interviewed never read a privacy policy, mostly all the interviewed don’t know what is a personal data and how their data will be used by companies.


2 – Prototyping the game

We create a VR gamesetted on a data center, the place where information is stored. The experience is divided in 3 levels, each one with a specific purpose.

We create two different prototypes: a low-fidelity prototype made of paper and wood to test the space and how people interact with the elements of the game.

We create an high-fidelity prototype to test the setting, the sound and how people move in the space.



This project was created during SEI Inventor, a 10-day prototyping bootcamp with Gregorio Giacomin,
 Kargan, Maurizio Vassallo and Francesco Vo.


5 Giugno 2018